Echinacea / Cone Flower Herb

Had this delivered today, this north American flower/ herb, it’s an immune regulator and smells really nice.
Stimulate alternative complement pathway which activates white blood cells to better attach and digest viruses, bacteria and pathogens.Increases interferon production in the T-lymphocytes which increases the macrophages(whitebloodcell) ability to kill viruses and bacteria and to release more tnf (tumour necrosis factor) which recruits more immune cells to come help fight infection.

Also increase antibody binding to the viruses for a better immune response
Increases the number of neutrophils which kill pathogens on contain using hydrogen peroxide (respiratory bursts).

Inhibits the release of hyaluronidase enzyme which blocks bacteria ability to drill holes through cell walls and spread to the neighbouring cell reducing the spread of infection.

Fights cancer.
prevents colds by 60% and reduces the time you have a cold by days.
Alleviates pain
Helps bowel movements
Anti inflammatory
Improves skin
Improves respiratory issues


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