Low Fat diets are madness you need fat for every cell membrane in your body. Best sources of fat include things like, Nuts, Seeds, Avocados and fresh wild caught salmon (from a river not a supermarket)

“The cell membranes are made up of three factors: these include phospholipids, glycolipids, and cholesterol. Phospholipids are the largest component of the three. Phospholipids are made up of saturated and unsaturated fat, and the balance of these is what is important to the functioning of the body. A large part of the human body is lipids, and many neurodegenerative diseases are lipid, also known as fat, related. Hence, the balance of unsaturated, especially essential fatty acids, and saturated lipids is critical to human and animal health.”

Trans fats
“Research from the Harvard School of Public Health and elsewhere indicates that trans fats can harm health in even small amounts: for every 2% of calories from trans fat consumed daily, the risk of heart disease rises by 23%”

We’ve known for 14 years that a single meal of meat, dairy, and eggs triggers an inflammatory reaction inside the body within hours of consumption.


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