Eucommia Bark a miracle for broken bones.

Eucommia bark is a major tonic herb that comes from a small tree native to China.

The bark of the tree has been used for many centuries, for its profound effects on increasing the overall strength of the skeletal structure.

First mentioned over 2,500 years ago, it is a Yang jing Tonic used to support the skeletal, reproductive and endocrine systems.


Jing, one of the three treasures in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is viewed as the primordial life-force energy given to us at the time of our conception and is said to be stored in the kidneys, joints, ligaments, spinal column, neck and brain. As a Yang Jing tonic it has been shown to have positive effects on many of these bodily regions either directly or indirectly.

Strengthens bones joints ligaments & tendons.
Helpful for osteoarthritis & osteoporosis
Neuroprotective activities
Good for reproductive systems
Good for balencing normal blood pressure
Benefical for a fatty liver

Latex, an allergen well-known in other rubber tree species, can cause contact dermatitis upon repeated exposure for individuals allergic to it.


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