Diet & Prevention of chronic Disease. Anti-Inflammatory Foods.

Modern society has brought with it profound changes in lifestyle and an increased incidence of disease. Body weights are on the rise, diets are becoming less healthy, and people are becoming increasingly sedentary, resulting in metabolic alterations that increase atherothrombotic risk (Atherothrombotic is the leading cause of mortality in the industrialised world).


Both epidemiological studies and intervention trials support an important role of diet in reducing the risk of a variety of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, and overall mortality. Adherence to a healthy lifestyle has been found to be associated with an 83% reduction in the rate of coronary disease, a 91% reduction in diabetes in women, and a 71% reduction in colon cancer in men.

Dietary patterns that emphasize whole grain foods & legumes, vegetables and fruits, and that limit environmental toxins, red meat, full-fat dairy products, and food & beverages high in added sugars are associated with decreased risk of a variety of chronic disease.

(Lüscher, T 2005). Specific dietary patterns may reduce inflammation. Available: European Heart Journal. Diet and inflammation: a link to metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.. Last accessed 29/12/2016.


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