The Importance of Breathing for mental and physical health

I’ve already made a post on the vagus nerve, microbiota and how they communicate with our brain effecting our mood and psychology, even the foods we choose to eat.


This picture is referring to the relationship between posture and organ function, bad posture results in slowed or restricted function of a bodily system.
This is easily seen when a person is hunched over they find it hard to breath effeciently or if a person is sat down for long periods they may experience digestive issues or poor circulation.

Your body and mind are connected. The way you subconciously feel will effect your posture.

Ex: If someone is anxious their head may be lowered and they may have tightness around the neck & stomach region.

In this case performing exercises to open your rib cage & neck (back bend)would be a great start. Stand up tall breathe down to your feet,  discover & release any tight areas where tention is stored. Know your worth and don’t take life too seriously 😊

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