Andy – The Personal Trainer



Over the past 10 years I have come to learn the relationship you have with food is one of the most important factors when embarking into a healthier lifestyle.

I do not encourage calorie restrictive diets as this will often cause poor health due to poor nutrition.

Get your natural body back in touch with what is natural, heal yourself and grow stronger, but most importantly build a lifestyle that can last a lifetime!


Clients in training:

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Client achievements:

Improved health

Got motivated

Prepared for national and international competitions

Wedding / event preperation

Improved muscular development & strength

Gain and loose body mass

Pass armed force fitness examinations

Improve condition of minor / major illnesses like cancer, IBS,  diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.


This is me 12 years ago before I decided to embark in a healthier lifestyle. I was 22.6 Stone!!


Since then I have spent many years training alongside some amazing people and most importantly regained my natural health and vitality.


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